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Z! Spaces dispone de un conjunto de sitios, revistas y cuentas de redes sociales con lo que se garantiza llegar a un alto porcentaje del tráfico especializado en Geo-ingeniería. zspaces full - copia

¿Por qué hacerlo con Z! Spaces?

Porque su anuncio llegará a espacios de tráfico concentran un alto porcentaje de usuarios en temas especializados como:

  • Cartografía / Teledetección / GPS
  • Sistemas de Información Geográfica
  • Tecnologías CAD / CAE
  • Topografía y Geodesia
  • Ingeniería Civil
  • Ciencias de la Tierra

Los sitios afiliados mantienen una presencia en Internet desde el año 2007:

Is a site focused on promoting resources for Geo-engineering
Since 2007 we promote tools, methods and disciplines contained in #CAD #GIS #BIM
The main content is geofumadas are articles (posts), however, the combination of channels adds value to reach users looking for these issues not only in search engines. These are some of the numbers that show that traffic:
  • 1.700 articles written and indexed since 2007
  • 150000 unique visitors per month, with 45% coming from Spanish-speaking and 55% from other languages
  • 21,000 followers on Twittter account.  You can see where is distributed our followers in @geofumadas
  • 19,000 followers on Facebook
  • 1,400 followers on Youtube channel
  • 1,400 followers LikedIn group
  • You can see our page rank comparisson with 40 other geospatial magazines.

Collaborative mechanisms
Geofumadas is a ZatocaConnect channel, which implements model methods Content – Spaces – Reviews – Coupons.
This includes individually or in packaging:
  • Publishing articles / news letters as posts on the website
  • Cover live events and webinars and promote through social channels
  • Reviews of products / services from third parties
  • Advertising spaces available on the website.
These are prices that might give you some references:
  • An article in egeomates prepared by the customer: USD $ 60
  • An article result of our edition: USD $ 120
  • Publications on social networks (Facebook + Twitter): USD $ 30 – 10 publications
  • Mention of your external link with a selected keyword on an existing article of geofumadas.com: USD $ 25.
  • Side banner 300×250: USD $ 60 monthly.
You can select a pack combination as your prefference.  We ofer a 5% discount to any combination over USD 300 and 10% over USD 500.
 The ZatocaConnect method looks beyond making traditional advertising, so consider the possibility of a package that can be combined according to what you expect, waiting for that return on investment between immediate traffic, corporate presence by influencers trend in the medium term and permanent indexing in search engines.
The method payment is to the PayPal account info@zatoca.com
Revista enfocada en la cadena de valor de la Geo-igeniería.
Incluye una cobertura sobre las disciplinas en el espectro Geoespacial, Ingeniería y Operaciones.
TwinGeo tiene una periodicidad trimestral, en formato digital e impreso en eventos donde sus protagonistas participan.


A service of Zatoca Connect

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